Markus Wagner

Student electrial engeneering (Master of Applied Research), University of Applied Sciences Augsburg

Open source projects

simple-rv32i softcore

A minimalistic RISC-V processor, which implements the full RV32I instruction set excluding debugging support. It also demonstrates the capabilities of the VHDL-unit testing library vunit in combination with GHDL/GTKWave, which are all open source. View on Gitlab

This project was developed during one of my master courses and now is released under the MIT-license. It consists of three repositories: The main softcore repository, which also includes the work of two fellow students. Additionally I developed a wrapper project, which demonstrates the usage of this softcore on a Digilent-S7 Evaluation Board (Xilinx Spartan 7) and an emulator, which can be used to test firmware and also is neccessary for some tests of the main project. For more information, see the individual files.

Programmieren lernen mit Python

This project is only relevant for people, which only speak German and no English

leider ist es im Jahr 2022 noch nicht selbstverständlich, dass an allen Schulen ein vernünftiger Informatikunterricht stattfindet. Aus diesem Grund biete ich mit ehemaligen Klassenkameraden einen freiwilligen Programmierkurs an meiner ehemaligen Schule an. Beispiele und ein momentan entstehendes "Skript" sind dabei frei auf Gitlab verfügbar.